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The goal of the Company’s exploration program for the GMC during 2015 was to expand the Mineral Resource base, and on February 22, 2016, the Company provided an update to the Mineral Resource at the GMC. Drilling at the Guanajuato Mine in 2015 totaled 13,024 metres, and was focused on the Valenciana, Cata and Los Pozos zones. At San Ignacio, total drilling amounted to 4,657 metres for the year and consisted of underground drilling to better define the Mineral Resource in the Intermediate and Melladito zones,Uggs türkis and a surface drill program to define the southern extension of the Mineral Resource in the Melladito, Melladito Splay, Melladito 2 and Melladito 3 zones.

There was no exploration drilling at Topia during 2015 as the mine has sufficient mineral resources to support an 11-year mine life at current production levels. The Company provided an update to the Mineral Resource at the Topia Mine on July 9, 2015, based on the results of prior years’ drill programs.Uggs türkis Measured Mineral Resources were estimated at 6,006,000 Ag eq oz, Indicated Mineral Resources were estimated at 5,574,000 Ag eq oz, and Inferred Mineral Resources were estimated at 11,050,000 Ag eq oz. In light of the updated Mineral Resource Estimate, management changed its estimate of the useful life of the Topia Mine to 11 years (as at July 1, 2015), an increase from the previous estimate of 6.5 years.

The information above is presented in summarized form and reference should be made to the full text of the technical report which is available for review under the Company’s profile on SEDAR located at On May 27, 2015, the Company completed the acquisition of all of the 42,780,600 common shares of Cangold issued and outstanding to third parties, Uggs türkis in exchange for 2,138,898 common shares of Great Panther and derecognition of $1,349,000 loaned to Cangold and its subsidiary, Coboro.A surface drill program at the GDLR Project commenced in mid-August and was completed in early December with a total of 5,514 metres drilled.

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