Nov 15

Uggs peta

The J. Peterman Co. wants to grow, but its past is telling it to look elsewhere for funding.The company on Monday began a 40-day crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter, where it hopes to raise $500,000. Late Wednesday, it already had 189 backers who pledged $28,575.Uggs peta The campaign offers different levels of participation.So far 10 backers pledged at least $25, while the most so far at 45 backers pledged at least $35 for an Otavalo shirt, a cotton workshirt worn by the mountain people of Otavalo, Ecuador. Several pledged $200, although some were for a limited edition silk/cashmere turtleneck (either men or women), and others for a limited edition Mod Flapper Dress.

There were also four backers who pledged at least $275 for the Urban Sombrero, the brown head topper worn in 1996 by the “Seinfeld” character Elaine, played by Julia Louis Dreyfus, who in the storyline ran J. Peterman. Three backers pledged $400 for the collector’s edition of the sombrero,Uggs peta which comes in a hatbox signed by the real John Peterman, as well as the award-winning actor who “stole” his identity, John O’Hurley.Two backers so far pledged at least $1,000 for a full kilt outfit, comprised of a five-yard kilt in black Watch Scottish wool tartan, complete with a format jacket and vest, the matching fly plaid worn over the shoulder with a brooch and hose with matching plaid flashes. There are no backers yet for the $8,600 pledge for a buying trip with the real Peterman scheduled for October.

Peterman, based in Lexington, Ky.,Uggs peta began as a mail order catalogue in 1987, but its expansion into retail doors eventually led to its bankruptcy. The company was acquired in 1999 by Paul Harris Stores Inc., which later found itself in its own tour through Chapter 11 bankruptcy court proceedings. That gave Peterman the ability to buy back the company. He relaunched the business in 2001 as a catalogue operation. In the process, he connected with O’Hurley and others to join forces as investors in the business.

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