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On October 25, 2005, the Company signed a formal purchase agreement with the Sociedad Cooperativa Minero Metalúrgica Santa Fe de Guanajuato (the “Cooperative”) to purchase 100% of the ownership rights in a group of producing and non-producing silver-gold mines in the Guanajuato Mining District. The total purchase price was US$7,250,000, which included 1,107 hectares in two main properties (the Guanajuato and San Ignacio claims), the 1,200tpd Cata processing plant,Uggs australien workshops and administration facilities, complete mining infrastructure, mining equipment, and certain surface rights.

On May 15, 2006,Uggs australien the Company announced the purchase of 3.88 hectares of real estate adjacent to the plant at the GMC for a total of US$690,425 from the Cooperative. The decision to buy the extra land was made in order to facilitate any future expansion of the plant facilities and to buffer the plant site from any possible development nearby.On December 27, 2007, the Company purchased an additional 0.2804 hectares of land immediately adjacent to the plant and below the tailings dam at the GMC from the Cooperative for a total of US$320,530. The land was primarily purchased in order to buffer the area from any possible development.In August 2012, the Company announced it had signed a definitive agreement for the purchase of a 100% interest in certain surface rights to a total of 19.4 hectares at the San Ignacio Mine, for the construction of a mine portal and ancillary surface facilities.

The Company purchased a 100% interest in the Santa Rosa Silver-Gold Project in Guanajuato State,Uggs australien Mexico in 2011 for total consideration of US$1,459,000 in cash. Santa Rosa includes a cluster of non-contiguous mineral claims 20 kilometres to the northeast of Guanajuato most covering segments of historically known mineralized veins within the Sierra vein system, as well as two claims located further north staked from a regional conceptual nature.

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