Dez 23

Uggs äkta päls

Isn’t there someone you want to give an Ebola virus to? The plush microbial toys also come in versions harmlessly resembling the common cold, athlete’s foot, a fat cell, and a pandemic of nasty bacteria ($8). The diagrams on bone socks and muscle socks are anatomically correct,Uggs äkta päls and both have reflexology charts on their soles ($15). Double-helix temporary tattoos are only fifty cents; a hypodermic-needle pen is five dollars.Primitive (130 North Jefferson Street) is the largest I-don’t-know-what that I have ever come across.

The best way to describe the contents of its five sprawling floors would be to borrow the words of Julian Street in trying to convey a sense of Marshall Field & Company in his 1914 book “Abroad at Home”: “a phantasmagoria of things with which civilization has encumbered the human race.” The things, according to the store’s owner,Uggs äkta päls Glen Joffe, are museum-grade objects from a hundred and fifty cultures, all acquired by him and his wife, Claudia Morgan, on their numerous world travels (documented on their blog on the store’s Web site). Except for the things they produce themselves. Joffe explained (sort of): “Do we produce or do we buy? One hundred per cent of both. Are we style setters?

Yes. Are we trend setters? Yes. But nobody lives in a vacuum.”Uggs äkta päls The thirty-one thousand square feet of artifacts include a seven-foot-high accordion-folded Burmese fortune-teller’s manual; an opium bed; six pillars from Ahmadabad, India; medicine bowls from Nigeria; sea-amber beads from the Guinea coast; a Mushambwooy dance mask from the Kuba kingdom, in present-day Congo; a gold-threaded Torah cover from Fez dated 5118 (that’s 1357-78 for all you non-New Yorkers); a wedding sedan chair from China (“If I had a little girl, she could use this as a phone booth,” Joffe said); an eighteenth-century Chinese incense table (Joffe says that a table inspired by it is in the foyer of the Obamas’ Chicago house); a Pygmy bed from the Congo; hand-painted Ghanaian movie posters; vintage kimonos cut up by the staff and refashioned into pillows; and store-designed Swarovski-crystal evening bags in the shape of Jimi Hendrix’s head (prices range from $10 for a single amber bead to $28,000 for the opium bed).

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