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Uggs ähnliche boots

The company also sees growth opportunities within the rest of the brands under the Decker’s umbrella although it is yet to be seen whether the success of any of the other brands will come close to the popularity of UGGs. With that said, Deckers understand that being so heavily invested in one single brand comes with risk, and so, they are diligently working on expanding product lines and offerings for customers to help diversify profitability.Progress within the Omni-Channel strategy:Uggs ähnliche boots The Omni-Channel approach has become a strong area of focus for the business. It is meant to encourage ease of purchase across all points of sales channels and make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for and buy it.

A customer can buy online or in-store and pick up and/or ask for products to be delivered, whichever combination therein. The key of it all being convenience and customer satisfaction every step of the way.During 2015 alone Deckers opened a total of 30 new UGGs stores (currently there is a total of 113 stores worldwide). The strategy appears fruitful thus far demonstrating strong direct to consumer operating margins above 20%. Store locations are currently in major markets including U.S, China, Japan, EMEA, Canada and Hong Kong.The company is also in the early stages of building a loyalty program and leveraging Customer Relationship Management, or CRM,Uggs ähnliche boots technology investments.

Significant improvements in efficiency and productivity: Plans include multiple office consolidations,Uggs ähnliche boots realignment of brand management, and selected closings of underperforming retail stores. Deckers is expecting approximately $35 million in annualized savings as a result of the noted efficiency and productivity strategies.Besides returning money to shareholders and other projects, Decker’s has communicated plans to reinvest approximately $10 Million of the savings back into the business with the goal of increasing profitability and improving shareholder returns.

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