Dez 15

Uggs a bruxelles

My prediction was really based on the likelihood that a stock that seemed deeply undervalued, Uggs a bruxelles with a good underlying business, will almost always outperform a market darling. This is not intended to detract from Nike. It is more of an observation of investor behavior.Since that time many of the concepts supporting my bullish argument for Deckers Brands have weakened. I believe the risk/benefit ratio of owning the stock have changed and will address these below.

In October, I supported my bullish argument by noting that the fashion blogosphere was still promoting Uggs as a fashion staple. The variety of heights and colors and the two year replacement cycle of the „Classic“ would allow for continued excellent sales. Unfortunately, that did not play out. Winter boots trended to two main styles. The popular utilitarian boot this year was Sorrel (a brand owned by Columbia Sportswear – COLM). Multiple other houses produced a tall, sometimes above knee, more slim line,Uggs a bruxelles leather boot that was very popular.

Although UGGs does produce a more attractive version of the Sorrel style boot it’s price point was almost twice that of it’s competitors.One of the worst performers in the last couple of months has been Deckers Outdoor Corp. (NASDAQ:DECK). The company known most for its Ugg line has seen its shares drop, especially after the most recent earnings report. With the stock now in the $70s, I feel that this name presents an opportunity for investors. Today, I’ll detail why.

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