Aug 10

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The top three winners will get their products sold at walmart.com and the grand prize winner will have their invention displayed at the actual stores nationwide.“Today we are removing [the selection process] barriers by giving anyone the chance to launch their product at Walmart and reach millions of shoppers nationwide,“ Venky Harinarayan, senior vice president of Walmart’s global e-commerce unit, Ugg yahoo told CNN.Walmart typically decides on new products through a strict process: Vendors are given one hour to pitch their ideas and convince the company’s in-house buyers why they should stock their products. So far, Walmart has received entries for an iPad pillow, Ugg-like boots for dogs and a locking device for soda bottles so you can be sure it’s safe even when you’re not looking. The inventions can be anything — toys, electronics, clothing, even household goods. The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.Net-a-Porter/Business InsiderIf someone is inviting you to their home, whipping up tasty snacks, and offering free eggnog, the very least you can do is show up with a small token of your appreciation.

Grabbing a bottle of wine from your local liquor store is a nice gesture, but going the extra mile and picking up a gift they can use long after the festivities are over will guarantee you an invite to their next party.To help guide your gifting, we found 21 perfect presents for party hosts. Having trouble figuring out what to get people for the holidays? You can check out all of Insider Picks‘ 2016 gift guides here.Ugg yahoo Welcome to Finance Insider, Business Insider’s summary of the top stories of the past 24 hours.The wave of Wall Street deregulation is upon us. With the stroke of a pen, President Trump has potentially started the unwinding of many of the hallmark financial regulations of the Obama administration. This afternoon, the president ordered a review of the 2010 financial regulatory law Dodd-Frank anddirected the Secretary of Labor to review the fiduciary rule, a regulation set to go into effect in April.Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren took aim at the two executive orders, saying: „Wall Street bankers and lobbyists …

may be toasting each other with champagne.“Earlier in the day, Ugg yahoo Trump had his first business advisory council. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick had quit Trump’s business council a day earlier. Elon Musk said on Thursday meanwhile that he’s staying on in the wake of criticism.“We’re bringing back jobs, we’re bringing down your taxes, we’re getting rid of your regulations, and there are some really exciting times ahead,“ Trump told the group. The first jobs report of 2017 crushed it. Trump was pretty happy with Friday’s jobs report, but he can’t take credit for it.Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc. on Thursday set in motion what could be the biggest tech flotation in years. Snapchat is pretty confusing, so here’s how the company is teaching older investors how to use it. And here’s everything else you need to know about Snap from the IPO filing.

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