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Businesses providing support for the event to date include Atlantis Constructors of SW FL, Inc., Benjamin Moore (Sarasota Paint), Beyond the Spectrum, Blaze Pizza, Body Heat Yoga, City Mind, Commit Marketing, Dane Spencer Landscape, Doctors Express, Emmons Enterprises,Ugg uk Ever Bank (Penny Hill Group), Firkins Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, FR Conversions, Green Zebra Café, Hosted Gourmet, Jiffy Lube (South Bay Lube, Inc.), Jump Up Your Fun, Lazy Lobster, The Learning Cottage:Sarasota, Maduro Cigar & Bar, Matusiak/Vac Real Estate, Menchies Frozen Yogurt, Metal Frenzy, Neal Communities, Orange Theory, Palermo Design Group, Pool Design Concepts, Rosa Fiorelli Winery, Rusty Bucket, Sarasota Sign Machine, SRQ Magazine, State Farm (Cari Fallen), Station 400, Stockyard Feed & Western Wear, Superior Sheds of Sarasota, Ugg’s Bakery and Whole Foods. SMART is accepting new sponsors until April 14th.

Hard to believe that a 5% deduction in value would not break down our PROP2. But look at the support level of OIL: 5.28 (5.2 now). We don’t like to see a support level move down. So we keep our stop-loss at 5.28. It was a wonderful gut-punch. But it does not look fatal.Especially hard-hit today,Ugg uk with oil, was silver, Russia, Brazil, gold, Canada and the British Pound.The correction is more than half over. How do we know that? Good question. We don’t know it. We think that.The pattern we have noticed is that EMV 30% BULLISHNESS in our database hs tended to correspond with trading bottoms.

This means, in terms of the issues we follow, we are 74% Bullish — BULL MARKET and BULL CORRECTION. How do we determined this. We use our PROP1 and PROP2 indicators. BULL MARKET issues are bullish in both PROP indicators. PROP1 is our long-term indicator; PROP2 is short-term or trading indicator. The BULL CONSOLIDATION list gives us possible near-term BUY SIGNALS — issues to WATCH for Buying Opportunities.BEAR MARKET issues have PROP1 and PROP2 below -7;Ugg uk BEAR CORRECTION issues have PROP1 negative and PROP2 positive. These issues we can watch for new shortselling opportunities.

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