Aug 11

Ugg size 0-1


A 10-year-old Michigan girl is suing in an attempt to get her poodle back from her mom’s ex-boyfriend.Hannah Wise of Farmington Hills says in a lawsuit that Mitchell Rechter won’t return her dog, named Mystery, since the girl and her mother moved out of his home last spring.Hannah’s claim on the poodle is part of a lawsuit filed by her mother, Adrienne Lenhoff, in August. In the suit, Ugg size 0-1 Lenhoff says she was romantically involved with Rechter for five years, and he led her to believe he would marry her and provide her and Hannah with a stable home.

She said she learned earlier this year that Ugg size 0-1 Rechter was seeing someone else, and she moved out of his West Bloomfield condominium.Rechter did not return a phone call left at his home. His attorney, Jonathan Jones, said in court filings that Hannah gave the dog to him.“Plaintiff abandoned the dog, gave it to the defendant to take care of it, knowing he wanted to care for the dog and took another dog with her the day she left,“ a filing says.

In addition to the dog, Lenhoff says Ugg size 0-1 Rechter kept thousands of dollars worth of her items, including rings, golf equipment, Ugg boots and a ketubah, which she describes as a Jewish wedding license from her first marriage that she said was worth $20,000. She also says Rechter borrowed $20,000 from her to go on trips, including to Boston and Mexico.Hannah is represented by attorney Robert Zawideh, who did not return a phone call left at his office.

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