Jul 07

Ugg quincy sale

A V-neck sweater and jeans is your signature look. Do you have a wardrobe of ballgowns at home that you secretly like to dress up in? Not at all. My thing is cashmere jerseys. I’m always peeking in [my daughters’] collars to see where they’ve bought their cashmere from. I just did a TV show a couple of days ago with [opera singer] Roberto Ayala where we sang “Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M’en Vais.” I had to make a tiny bit of effort. I’d bought a secondhand YSL suit for a cocktail in Buenos Aires and wore it with stockings and high heels and a camisole from Sabbia Rosa, where I used to buy my lingerie when I was younger.People were amazed; they’re so used to seeing me in jeans. Then I threw it all off and got changed. I couldn’t wait to get my shoes off, and the skirt was too tight. I’d rather be dressed as a man, and Lou [Doillon] had found these baggy men’s pants [by John Varvatos] for me in New York. As soon as I’m in boys’ things I feel like I’m 12 again. I’ll go on tour in a white shirt and waistcoat. Lou is my costume designer; she has all the good ideas.

Tell us about your cashmere designs for Lutz & Patmos.I just designed a low-cut jersey in boring colors like taupe and gray or faded blue. I love it when you don’t have to fight against color: Beige is the skin, taupe is the hair and blue is the eyes. I like wearing very, very old things. I had a pair of old Ugg boots, the real ones from Australia, that I wore so much my toes came out of the end and my feet were covered in ink. They looked all sooty, as if I’d been cleaning the chimney.

You are the mother of a pretty impressive brood. Yes, they have managed, quite beautifully, to become their own person. Lou is the greatest for wanting to share things and has her line with Lee Cooper; Charlotte just did the film [“Antichrist”] with Lars von Trier and is mixing an album with Beck in New York, so I don’t have to worry there, and Kate is one of France’s greatest female photographers. She’s certainly the only one I want to be photographed by. [The song] “Pourquoi” was for Charlotte and “A La Grâce De Toi” was for Kate.

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