Jul 06

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“I’m sort of getting some redemption, aren’t I?” says 26-year-old Chilean actress Lorenza Izzo.Izzo was born in Santiago, but moved to Atlanta at age 12 while her dad was getting his Ph.D. at Georgia Tech. “When I first moved to Atlanta I had a really strong accent, and I got bullied like hell,” Ugg produktion she recalls while sitting at Irving Farm Coffee, around the corner from the Gramercy apartment she rented for her stay in New York. “It was awful. I got over my accent pretty fast, thanks to ‘Blue Crush.’ I started watching that movie and I got obsessed with Kate Bosworth. I had no idea she was Australian — to me she was American and it was all I needed to know.”

Oddly enough, she’s frequently cast as an American, Ugg produktion a fact tinged with a certain sweetness in light of her bullies. “It’s such a payback isn’t it?” she grins.On Sunday, she joins David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess in AMC’s “Feed the Beast,” which follows two best friends in their attempt to open a restaurant in the Bronx, in the midst of cleaning up their lives. WWD chatted with Izzo about landing the role, meeting her director husband, and what she wore to be crowned “best dressed” in high school.

I went back to Chile [from Atlanta] when I was 16, Ugg produktion my mom and stepdad got divorced. At 18, I moved to New York to study acting for a few months. One of my hidden dreams was to be a “Good Morning America” type-show host. So I went back to study journalism [in Chile]. And my second year of college, I was offered a student film, because they knew I had studied acting, I was also a model in Chile and was very close with the fashion world in Chile. The director auditioned me and cast me, and that was my first-ever gig. I was obsessed. I was coming back from method training [in New York] and I took it so seriously. That’s when I realized, “Oh my passion is not hosting a TV show, it’s being in front of a camera and telling stories where people can feel something.”

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