Dez 21

Ugg classic

There’s much here to recommend: a Tramando halter top crafted from what look like hair bands,Ugg classic with the occasional crystal peeping through ($3,100); a black tunic by Gabriel Colangelo that has a front panel of astrakhan ($2,215); a black jersey sculptural frock made by SWM, a designer who shapes her clothes by draping and tucking the fabric on her own body ($1,520); and a Dries Van Noten crocheted metal-beaded arm cuff ($750). Dries Van Noten fans take note: Blake has the country’s largest collection of the Belgian designer’s clothes and accessories.

There are many who will tell you that Joan Weinstein was the Johnny Appleseed of Chicago retail. In 1969,Ugg classic Weinstein and her husband, Jerry, opened a store called Ultimo, and until Joan retired, in 1998, she made it the city’s “It_”_ boutique. That many of today’s professional arbiters of taste worked either for or with her is no coincidence.“I love Joan Weinstein,” Isaac Mizrahi told me. He peddled his clothes to Ultimo in 1987, when he was just starting out. “She was the real thing. She used to go around in black pants and a Sonia Rykiel black marabou-feather coat. She was a secretary for Mies van der Rohe in the fifties, I think, and had the coolest house.

She trained all her salespeople. They’d say, ‘You don’t wear the belt that comes with the dress.Ugg classic Buy the Barry Kieselstein-Cord belt.’ ” Weinstein held trunk shows for Mizrahi two or three times a year. “Joan had all those crazy ladies buying clothes like drunken sailors,” he went on. “In Chicago people are at ease with looking glamorous. You’d tell a customer, ‘Shorten that skirt.’ They’d say, ‘O.K.’ In New York they’d say, ‘Really? You think?’ In Chicago you don’t have that nightmare of insecurities.

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