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Even a New Jerseyite has the audacity to sneer: “It’s the miniature-golf version of New York,Ugg classic mini 2 with Oprah standing in for the Statue of Liberty.” Hogwash? Chicago may be the Second City—a derogation dreamed up in these pages almost sixty years ago by A. J. Liebling—but it did have the first skyscraper (the Home Insurance Building, 1885); the first comprehensive mail-order business (Montgomery Ward, 1872); the first interracial hospital (1891); the first Shredded Wheat, Cracker Jack, Juicy Fruit gum, zipper, and Ferris wheel (all introduced at the 1893 World’s Fair); the first Lincoln Logs (invented in 1916 by the son of Frank Lloyd Wright); the first modern planetarium outside Europe (1930); and the first football team to practice daily and to broadcast games over the radio (the Bears). Oh, yes, the Second City gave us the First Family, too.

Chicago is also the major U.S. city with the highest total sales tax, having last year jumped ahead of Memphis, Tennessee. Ugg classic mini 2 But let’s not allow 10.25 per cent to dampen our shopping spirits.
In the beginning there was Marshall Field & Company, a drygoods concern that grew to be thirty-six acres of everything money could buy (111 North State Street). Field, a merchandiser alert to the sensitivities of the customer, instituted the practices of in-store restaurant dining, bridal registries, unconditional refunds, and the one-price system that abolished charging whatever a clerk could get away with. The beloved establishment, with its Tiffany dome ceiling made up of a million six hundred thousand bits of iridescent glass, was sold to Macy’s in 2005. Chicago has been in mourning ever since. How can one not grieve for an emporium—Field refused to call it a department store—whose slogan was “Give the lady what she wants”?

“All of us are ticked off that they took over,” said a Chicago matron who will now walk through the place only as a shortcut to duck the rain.Ugg classic mini 2 She told me a story about a set of Marshall Field’s bed linens that her mother had received as a wedding present in 1919 and never used, because no occasion ever seemed special enough. Twenty-seven years later, Field allowed her to return the bedding for store credit. (In July, Field loyalists got a boost when one-pound boxes of Frango Mints, the popular chocolates sold exclusively by the store since 1929, started being manufactured in Chicago again, after ten years of protest by regular customers, who were angry that the candy was being made in Pennsylvania; $19.)

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