UGG Boots Vs. Lululemon Pants: How To Invest With Fashion Trends

Note: this is not a quantitative evaluation of financial statements or stock valuations. A brand could have positive momentum, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that its stock is a ‚buy‘. But positive brand momentum should eventually help grow revenues and support profit margins, which would presumably, at some point, have a positive impact on the stock price.This is not a solicitation to buy securities and investors should consult a professional financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Another big difference between UGG Boots and Lululemon items is the product branding. I’m not talking about the logos, ads or taglines. I’m talking about true branding. UGG Boots are very distinctive and have a unique look that only a mother could love. The appeal – as with most obtrusive visual trends – will eventually fade. On the other hand, Lululemon apparel has understated visual branding that is subtle and, therefore, more difficult for consumers to get sick of.

The UGG brand accounted for 87% of Deckers‘ 2011 sales, and the boots, in my opinion, are ugly as sin. The Lululemon brand, in comparison, is spread across a wider range of yoga-related apparel. Of course, Lululemon’s big draw is its pants, which make the wearer’s *ahem* derriere a site for sore eyes. In fact, there are many videos and websites that pay tribute to this characteristic – a benefit that should have lasting appeal. For this reason, the Lululemon’s pants have the attention of both women and the men that love them.

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